10 Minutes with Courtney Lareau, Mars

10 Minutes with Courtney Lareau, Mars

Courtney Lareau, Mars Petcare sustainable sourcing insights manager, is one of the participants of a two-year leadership program for sustainability professionals launched this year by the Academy for Systems Change and the Sustainable Food Lab.

In a recent interview with Bob Langert, Editor at Large for the GreenBiz Group, Courtney discussed all things sustainability, and discussed her first meeting with Academy President, Darcy Winslow. Here’s a snippet of the interview where Courtney focuses on sustainability optimism. Find the full interview here.  

Langert: Where are you on the business sustainability optimism meter? 1 to 10, low to high.

I try to be very optimistic. I think if you let the negativity get to you, it would be very difficult to wake up and go to work every day. So I think I’m about a 7 or 8.

Langert: Do you think optimism is a choice?

Lareau: I think so. You can see everything from a negative perspective or a positive perspective. It’s up to you.

Langert: Where and how do you draw your inspiration and motivation?

Lareau: I think that it’s really important to stay closely connected to those who have inspirational career stories. For example, I recently had the pleasure to meet Darcy Winslow, who worked at Nike for over 20 years [as a pioneer in sustainable business frameworks]. She was incredible. I really enjoyed getting to hear her story, the challenges she faced and how she overcame them. And I left my time with her feeling incredibly refreshed and re-energized.

Read the full interview here

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