12 Day Sacred Passage Costa Rica with John Milton and Jennifer Menke

12 Day Sacred Passage Costa Rica with John Milton and Jennifer Menke

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Come explore the depths of your true nature in relationship with one of the most beautiful wilderness areas in Central America. This 12-day, all inclusive, Sacred Passage has been uniquely designed to bring you into deeper communion with inner and outer nature in order to facilitate greater vitality, purpose and authenticity in your life.

For 30 years, participants have found their experience to be deeply transformative and insightful, experiencing positive changes in their careers, relationships and personal lives. The Sacred Passage programs have shown that when we relax and become present to the great mystery, our lives are enriched with beauty.

For more information please contact jenniferbmenke@gmail.com or visit www.sacredpassage.com and www.costaricaretreatyoga.com/

The Sacred Passage Process:

The Sacred Passage begins with 3 days of awareness training, which provides participants with the appropriate tools to come into a relaxed, present and open-hearted state of awareness, which inevitably leads to a rooted connection in source awareness. The awareness training also provides practices to help you experience your inherent connection

to nature and interconnection to all life. When we cultivate this level of awareness we create access to more vitality, joy, clarity, and creativity in our lives.

The awareness training is followed by 7 days of solitude on a pristine beach with whales in the distance. Your wilderness solo experience can result in a dramatic reduction of daily stress, a substantial increase in creativity, feelings of deep peace, and a more clear, centered and harmonious awareness, all of which leave you more than well equipped to handle any challenge life may have to offer.

Upon re-entry from the solo immersion we guide you through a unique 2 day integration process, that will provide you with the tools to bring your experience back into your everyday life.

“Attune the inner pace of your life with Nature’s rhythms through ancient principles and teachings. Imagine yourself alone, deep in a beautiful, pristine wilderness. No distractions, nothing to disturb the tranquility. Alone. All One.”


Selva Armonia Eco-Retreat Center and Lodge, Uvita, Costa Rica www.costaricaretreatyoga.com


Price (Transportation to and from San Jose, healthy organic meals, and lodging included):

  • Double room occupancy – $2,547
  • Private room occupancy – $2,797

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