Academy Launches Second Cohort of Fellows

Academy Launches Second Cohort of Fellows

The Academy for Systems Change has selected 25 extraordinary leaders to participate in the second cohort of the Academy Fellowship program.

Following an extensive nomination, application and interview process in 2017, the 25 successful candidates came together in-person in Maine this February to officially launch the program and begin to build the community that will support them for the next 3-years and beyond. As well as starting to build community and creating a space for collaboration, Fellows were introduced to key systems thinking tools, methods and approaches whilst sharing their hopes and aspirations for the Fellowship program.


Darcy Winslow, Academy President and co-Founder, shared her excitement when meeting the new cohort of Fellows in Maine, saying “we are bringing together 25 incredible individuals to participate in an intensive three-year experiential learning journey followed by lifelong participation in a one-of-a-kind learning organization. This is an incredible experience, and a unique community that will offer each Fellow a chance to learn, grow and be supported in their personal and professional aspirations”.

For the Academy, systems change is inherently an “inner” and “outer” process or journey, and the Fellowship Program is a journey of continual awakening, learning new ways of being, thinking, and intervening practically in systems through a work project. The selected candidates are career-professionals from Australia, Canada, China, Pakistan, Mexico and the USA. They are individuals who have dedicated their passion and talents to create deep change within their organization and the communities they serve.

Each fellow is immersed in real project-based work, in service to the health of our people, economy, planet and self. These 25 incredible individuals are leaders whose work has the potential to transform the system in which they operate. Over the next three years, they will participate in six face-to-face gatherings, regular group coaching calls, ongoing one-to-one mentoring sessions with Academy Faculty, and multiple online learning opportunities.

Over the course of the formal program Fellows will deepen their awareness of and ability to lead complex change efforts by developing core systems-leadership capabilities. These newly honed skills will enable them to foster collective leadership within their organizations, networks and extended communities.


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