Camp Snowball 2017

To thrive in our changing world, students need to think in systems and take action for a healthy future. Using systems thinking as a foundation through the week, Camp Snowball — a summer professional development program that brings together school and district-wide teams of educators, youth, parents, business and community leaders — increases everyone’s capacity for learning and leading.

At Camp Snowball, […]

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Focus on a Fellow: Stephanie Daniels

Through our Academy Fellowship program, we work with an extraordinary group of accomplished systems change leaders, each working to inspire and demonstrate ecological, social, economic, and spiritual well-being within themselves and for the communities, organizations, and networks that they serve. In this Focus on a Fellow, Madison Sabol, the Academy’s Summer Intern, interviews Stephanie Daniels (pictured above, left) on her work […]

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Slowing Down – More Than Just A Luxury?

We all know the benefits of slowing down. Slowing down the pace of life, I mean. Whether this means taking time to yourself to play a sport, read a good book, or simply sit on a park bench listening to happy birds chirping in a nearby oak tree, slowing down, to be in a current moment rather than in one […]

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Everything is Connected to Everything Else

In this blog post, our summer intern, Madison Sabol, writes about the interconnected of systems, reflecting on an article written by Donella Meadows in her Global Citizens column. Madison recently finished her third year of undergraduate study of Environmental Studies and French at Dartmouth College. She is closely working with the Donella Meadows Project (based in Norwich, VT) this summer. […]

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Bridges of Collaboration and Exchange

Academy Fellow, Kim Kita, is Director of Special Projects and Partnerships with Colorado State University (CSU), where she leads CSU’s work in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Kim recently co-wrote an article in the Journal of Sustainability Education (JSE) with biologist, educator, and researcher, Aines Castro Prieto. We’ve added a sneak-peak below. To read the full article, visit the JSE website, which […]

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10 Minutes with Courtney Lareau, Mars

Courtney Lareau, Mars Petcare sustainable sourcing insights manager, is one of the participants of a two-year leadership program for sustainability professionals launched this year by the Academy for Systems Change and the Sustainable Food Lab.

In a recent interview with Bob Langert, Editor at Large for the GreenBiz Group, Courtney discussed all things sustainability, and discussed her first meeting with Academy President, Darcy Winslow. Here’s a […]

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The Academy for Systems Change

Our mission is to advance the field of awareness-based systemic change in order to accelerate ecological, social, and economic well-being.