Full Moon Intention

The following post is a Full Moon Intention from Ken Leinbach, written following the recent meeting between the Academy and the Donella Meadow’s Institute

Full Moon Intention – March 22, 2016

“This fresh apple, still cold and crisp from the morning dew, is not-me only until I eat it. When I eat, I eat the soil that nourished the apple. When I drink, […]

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Next Generation Leaders – Impact

Formed in 2015, our first cohort of Next Generation Leaders are participating in a learning journey that is built on four elements

Capacity Building
Community Building

The fellows develop their personal and professional capacities by applying what they are learning directly to their complex systemic challenges. This recent flyer shows the areas that our first group of fellows is impacting.


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Sustainability in Schools Simulation/Card Game for school administrators and teachers

Are you looking for something interesting to do during staff meetings or in-service training? 

Learn which sustainability-related projects have the best cost/benefit and discover how to use these as teaching opportunities.  

The Sustainability in Schools game is a powerful learning tool to help your school:

Understand what sustainability looks like in a school
Identify sustainability related projects that have a good cost/benefit ratios and […]

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The SoL Journal
on Knowledge, Learning, and Change
If you have spent much time in New York airports, you have probably had some exchanges or experiences with airline staff and passengers that were less than cordial, perhaps even uncooperative. As this email excerpt, written by passenger Gerry McNamara, illustrates, when U.S. Air flight 1549 ditched into the Hudson River on January 15, […]

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PBS – A New Partner In Fostering Systems Literacy

On behalf of Linda Booth Sweeney:

PBS Learning Media has become a new partner in our collective efforts to foster systems literacy!   With support from the Kendeda Foundation, we’ve put together a free, media-based resource to foster systems literacy.  For students ages 5-25, and their teachers:  http://www.pbslearningmedia.org/collection/systemsliteracy/ .

Here’s what I find most exciting about this collection:  much of our education remains focused on discrete disciplines (e.g., math, […]

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