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If you have spent much time in New York airports, you have probably had some exchanges or experiences with airline staff and passengers that were less than cordial, perhaps even uncooperative. As this email excerpt, written by passenger Gerry McNamara, illustrates, when U.S. Air flight 1549 ditched into the Hudson River on January 15, […]

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PBS – A New Partner In Fostering Systems Literacy

On behalf of Linda Booth Sweeney:

PBS Learning Media has become a new partner in our collective efforts to foster systems literacy!   With support from the Kendeda Foundation, we’ve put together a free, media-based resource to foster systems literacy.  For students ages 5-25, and their teachers: .

Here’s what I find most exciting about this collection:  much of our education remains focused on discrete disciplines (e.g., math, […]

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Taking sustainable agriculture to scale

Cool Farm Tool wins awards for taking sustainable agriculture to scale
Winner of the hotly-contested ‘Practice with Science’ Award and used by major agri-food businesses, the Cool Farm Tool establishes new legal footing with the Cool Farm Alliance CIC to further scale sustainable agriculture.
January 20 – Winning the Oxford Farming Conference/Royal Agricultural Society of England Practice with Science award in the […]

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Spotlight on one of our Founders

Axiom News recently posted a story of a powerful gift Academy Founding Member, Charles Holmes, brings to the world
What Listening Creates Such Connection?
When listening deeply into the words of another person, intention and action can roll seamlessly into one. 


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Roca Chosen to Lead

Roca Chosen to Lead a First-in-the-Nation
 ‘Pay for Success’ Effort in Massachusetts
Gov. Patrick, State Leaders Hailed for Innovative Effort to Deliver Meaningful Outcomes
August 1, 2012
Chelsea, MA – August 1, 2012 – Roca has been selected to help lead the nation’s first ever ‘pay for success’ effort, named by Governor Deval Patrick today as an initial successful bidder for two Social […]

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La Paz Documentary

In 1978, the clam population in La Paz, Mexico was devastated by hurricane Liza and over-fishing. NOS, together with key partners, worked with the community to restore the clams and revive the fishing economy. We wish to share the story through a documentary to inspire and educate other coastal communities tackling large-scale systemic and transformative efforts around the world.


La Paz […]

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