Bridges of Collaboration and Exchange

Bridges of Collaboration and Exchange

Academy Fellow, Kim Kita, is Director of Special Projects and Partnerships with Colorado State University (CSU), where she leads CSU’s work in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Kim recently co-wrote an article in the Journal of Sustainability Education (JSE) with biologist, educator, and researcher, Aines Castro Prieto. We’ve added a sneak-peak below. To read the full article, visit the JSE website, which serves as a forum for academics and practitioners to share, critique, and promote research, practices, and initiatives that foster the integration of economic, ecological, and social-cultural dimensions of sustainability within formal and non-formal educational contexts.

Bridges of Collaboration and Exchange

By Kim Kita and Aines Castro Prieto

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges” ~ Isaac Newton

Imagine a world where people hold the highest standards for collaboration, understanding, and mutual respect. Imagine a world where people are engaged and hold a deep commitment to creating genuine, just, and mutually-empowering beneficial relationships. Imagine a world where people have the ability to connect across cultures, appreciate, and deeply listen to different perspectives, understand complex systems – and how we all fit into them – and together co-create solutions to the most daunting of global challenges. Imagine a community of people bringing forward energy and a sense of possibility, and stepping up to create the world we want to live in.

In the place and magical town of Todos Santos, Baja California Sur Mexico, and under the umbrella of the Colorado State University Todos Santos Center, there is an emerging community of people who not only yearn for meaningful learning, dialogue, and reflection but are also taking action to make that vision a reality.

The Colorado State University Todos Santos Center is answering the call of a 21st-century land-grant institution on a global scale by utilizing education to build bridges between the United States and Mexico, between students and faculty, and between research and action. The Center’s location in Baja California Sur combines education, outreach, research, and access for CSU students, students in the regional community, and area residents.

Read the full article here

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