Camp Snowball 2017

Camp Snowball 2017

To thrive in our changing world, students need to think in systems and take action for a healthy future. Using systems thinking as a foundation through the week, Camp Snowball — a summer professional development program that brings together school and district-wide teams of educators, youth, parents, business and community leaders — increases everyone’s capacity for learning and leading.

At Camp Snowball, educators learn and practice the skills to facilitate critical thinking and problem solving, administrators develop the capacity to create school cultures where teachers are trusted innovators, students develop critical thinking and communication skills so they can take action for a sustainable future, and community partners become contributors to the health of the larger system using the tools of systems thinking, Education for Sustainability, and organizational learning.

Imagine a community where for a whole week students, educators, administrators come together from different states, districts, and countries to collaboratively learn about how to shape learning spaces and experiences that are meaningful for life. Imagine a community where stereotypes and roles are reshaped, where tough conversations on racial equity can go as deep as a whole room in tears. Imagine a community where all are learners and where one’s job as an educator is valued for what it really is, the most important supporting role you can have while growing up, besides your family. There aren’t many places where this can happen, and Camp Snowball is one of them. It convened in Vernon, NJ July 10-15, offered in partnership by the Academy and the Waters Foundation. After seven years of continual refinement to generate the “perfect” gathering, one that would balance fun, content, provocative discussions, and community building, I have the exciting task of convening all core designers so that we can think together about what is next in Camp Snowball’s future and how we can collectively serve the best transformation in school systems and their communities.  

Marta Ceroni, Director of Programs

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