Collaborating for our Collective Future

Collaborating for our Collective Future

“Courage is simply doing whatever is needed in pursuit of the vision.” – Peter Senge

We are honored to announce that the Academy for Systems Change and the Donella Meadows Institute will begin the process of uniting visions and assets to accelerate our potential for collective impact and transformative change. Following months of exploration and dialogue, we have discovered countless connections that date back to the early 1970s, significant alignment in our individual purposes and aspirations, and a shared belief that that there is so much more we can accomplish together.

We are inspired and excited about what we will discover in the months to come as we work to combine our assets – people, passion and resources – to achieve our integrated mission: Advance the field of awareness-based systemic change* to achieve economic, social, and ecological wellbeing. * Awareness is a core value, one that opens the inner journey of system change.

On March 20, 2016 (spring solstice) we began this journey together – as old and new friends gathered at Cobb Hill in Hartland, Vermont. We came together in the spirit of trust and transparency and in service of something much larger than either of our individual organizations. Our goal is to enter 2017 as one organization, with enhanced efficiency and effectiveness that will multiply our potential for global impact as we continue to advance the emerging field of awareness based systemic change.

We are prepared for the challenge, open to whatever magic greets us on our path, and present in the now as we enter this new phase in our journey together. We welcome your support, in all the forms that may take!

 “Start with the vision, be open to any path by which the vision will be realized, be patient and persistent, be true to the vision, and things will work out.” – Donella Meadows

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