“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi



Upcoming Workshops: Portland, OR Leading for Learning Intro to Systems Thinking

Our goal is to develop and sustain a culture of learning and innovation in public schools and school systems that builds students’ capacity to shape a just and sustainable society.

  1. Achieve a new public consensus on the basic aims for public education
  2. Public confidence that basic innovation in schools is possible
  3. Connected networks of on-the-ground innovators accomplishing these changes:100 school systems in 5 years and 1000 in 10 years
  4. New sense of professional pride, appreciation and common purpose among educators and public.

Featured Project

Camp Snowball 2013

The movement to help students create a healthy world continues to pick up steam!  It’s been a great first semester (Fall 2012) with the Common Core Deeper Learning Project.  Each cohort (K-3 Reading, M.S. Math, and H.S. Non-Fiction Text) is forming into a strong professional learning community.  The lessons learned throughout the duration of the project will inform the teaching of thinking and the creation of innovative, collaborative school cultures for years to come.  The community building process is ongoing but the groups now have established participants and each cohort has a different flavor with regard to how they choose to work.  The fall also was a period of technological experimentation with different platforms (ning, etc.). The third significant happening was the selection of SRI as our evaluation/research firm.  I had the opportunity to meat Dan Aladjem, our lead evaluator, last week and am confident that he will be a wonderful addition as we seek to really assess the impact of systems thinking tools on deeper learning.

What began at Camp Snowball in 2012 will expand at Camp Snowball 2013 in Winston-Salem! To thrive in a changing world, our kids need to think in systems… and act for sustainability. Camp Snowball gives students and educators the tools they need to shape a healthy, positive, interconnected future. We need you! Join us as we work to develop educators’ capacity for teaching systems thinking and sustainability education to their students; empower students to become leaders in their schools and communities; develop local teams working to implement these tools and perspectives in their school systems; build local community support for schools by engaging business, governmental leaders, educators, parents, students in creating conditions for ongoing innovation; foster relationships and create long-term connections for regional, national and international learning communities; and learn from schools that are accomplishing demonstrable, measurable results.




Peter Senge on the Future of Education from Chris Landry on Vimeo.

Developmental Stories
Lessons of Systemic Change for Success in Implementing the New Common Core Standards.

Take a look at our Prezi presentation of the Academy. Prezi is a fun way of navigating through our world.



School District Catalyzing Conversation through Generative Journalism

News service spotlights future of education in Maple Valley, Washington
Friday November 30, 2012 — Kristian Partington





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