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What is the real question? by Darcy Winslow



Two years ago as I was preparing to embark on my third Sacred Passage with John Milton, one of the Academy founders, I had just watched the documentary 180o South, by Jeff Johnson. One quote from Jeff resonated deeply with me, and apropos for introducing the Academy for Systemic Change: “A friend once told me that the best journeys answer […]

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Can we bring 50% of the world’s wild fish under sustainable management in 10 years? by Hal Hamilton

 The Academy for Systemic Change and the Sustainable Food Lab are supporting the launch of a new global initiative.
Consensus is growing among international leaders that with proven solutions, focused investment and collaboration we can restore fisheries worldwide to abundance in our lifetimes. The World Bank’s Global Partnership for Oceans has set the goal of 50% restoration in 10 years.

No one […]

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3 Postures of Relationship

3 Postures of Relationships pdf.
Our message to our children needs to be seek out learning partners – those who will be in-learning with you, who value walking beside you.
How do you present yourself to your family, your friends, your work relationships, new acquaintances or strangers? We continually shape the experience of our relationships and the world around us. As you approach your different relationships, are […]

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Fishery Causal Loop Diagram

View the pdf of The Causal Loop Diagram 
This fishery causal loop diagram reveals one way of seeing the system of fishery and ocean conservation, the theory of change of various interventions and how they interact with each other. By making each stakeholder’s mental model explicit, it enables people to understand each other’s perspective, examine one’s underlying assumptions about the change […]

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