Academy Fellows

Systems Leadership

Our vision is a new professional field of leaders and practitioners who inspire and demonstrate ecological, social, economic and spiritual well-being within themselves and for the communities, organizations, and networks that they serve. We work towards this goal by offering fellowship programs for emerging leaders.

Our lead initiative is the Academy Fellows group, an extraordinary group of change-makers who, through our program, develop core systems-leadership capabilities that enable them to foster collective leadership within their organizations, networks and wider communities.

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A New Way of Leading

In many corners around the world, the opportunity for leading in new ways is emerging. Social entrepreneurs, businesses, government and civil society organizations are showing glimpses of how to work together in new ways on core systems. Leaders enabling these “emerging new realities” are characterized by a profound sense of purpose. They are masters in balancing the personal, intellectual, emotional and social aspects of leading, capable of standing “at the edge of the system” and visualizing the limits and possibilities that emerge. Central to developing the skills this new way of leading requires is a dual journey of transformation. Authentic leaders engage both the “inner” (reflective) and “outer” (manifest structures) work of deep change, with a lifelong commitment – personally, within an organization, and within networks of collaborating organizations in critical systems.

Academy Fellows News

Spotlight on Academy Fellow: Ecology Project International Celebrates 15th anniversary

Since 2000, co-founders Scott Pankratz (Academy Fellow) and Julie Osborn of Ecology Project International have been integrating art, culture and science programs to help local and international youths learn more about threatened species and habitats. Friday, June 5, marked the 15-year anniversary of Ecology Project International. One of their students drew the non-profit’s logo, displayed by Scott in the photo.

(As […]

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