‘Designers Paradise’ Prototypes New Business Prize

‘Designers Paradise’ Prototypes New Business Prize

Delegates underscore this ‘has to be much more than a prize’

Monday March 04, 2013 — Michelle Strutzenberger

CLEVELAND – Having jokingly settled how they would address one another — by name, not title — a nun and a business student turned their attention to the task at hand — rapid prototyping a new process that will celebrate businesses that are agents of world benefit.

In just these two the diversity of a group of about 70 gathered at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland this past weekend is captured.

From executive director of the Drucker Institute Rick Wartzman to the former newscaster for 20/20 Roberta Baskin, the gathering was a melting pot of academics, business leaders, journalists, students and more.

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(Roger Saillant, E.D. Case Western Reserve University’s Fowler Center for Sustainable Value, is one of the founders of the Academy for Systemic Change)

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