Realizing the Deep Vision of the new Common Core State Standards by Peter M. Senge

American Schools are routinely criticized today as falling behind those of key international competitors like China. But a deeper problem confronts educators and societies: we have no shared vision of what education should be for the world we now live in.


This past year, Claudia Madrazo and I of the Academy worked with four other accomplished innovators in education – Tracy […]

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3 Postures of Relationship

3 Postures of Relationships pdf.
Our message to our children needs to be seek out learning partners – those who will be in-learning with you, who value walking beside you.
How do you present yourself to your family, your friends, your work relationships, new acquaintances or strangers? We continually shape the experience of our relationships and the world around us. As you approach your different relationships, are […]

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