Becky Cook

Becky manages bookkeeping and accounting for the Academy. Becky graduated from the University of Vermont with a BS in Clothing and Design. She was an advisor and Commissioner on the Vermont Commission on Women, and helped pass the “Gender Amendment” to the VT Constitution in 1992, to make the Vermont’s Constitution’s Language Gender Neutral. She owns CA Software Solutions, Inc. with her spouse, providing small businesses and non-profits with bookkeeping and accounting solutions.

Becky lives in Norwich on a hardscrabble hillside farm and has converted her lawn into an organic vegetable garden, coexisting with a woodchuck family and many deer. In the springtime, there is a diversity of birds that migrate to the family land: wood warblers, flycatchers, thrushes, sparrows, wrens, swallows, bobolinks, to name a few. Per ornithologist George Clark, the only family of Field Sparrows known to be in Norwich is there. Becky leads birding trips in the spring for the Mascoma Chapter of NH Audubon. She has also given talks for the group about Spring Birding by Ear.

    • Location: Vermont, USA