Charles Holmes

Charles Holmes is a skilled facilitator and educator whose 20 years of experience have honed a passion for creating meaningful dialogue among groups whose diverse opinions might otherwise work against a common understanding of potential outcomes and commitments to working together.

The meetings he has designed and facilitated have focused on complex multi-stakeholder engagement, innovation, conflict resolution, scenario planning and 100’s of strategic planning sessions and other team and group engagements. He has taught in business and executive programs in a number of Universities. He has also helped to establish a range of different organizations, including the Learning Strategies Group at Simon Fraser University, the Cool North Shore Society (focussed on helping citizens reduce their carbon emissions) and Training Resources for the Environmental Community.   In all instances, Charles’ number one interest is helping groups to see possibilities for what they might create together, to acknowledge, but not be constrained by the past, and to explore opportunities for working in collaboration to create better futures.

    • Location: Canada