Joseph Bragdon

Jay is an Investment Manager and Author. He is General Partner of Conservest Management Co., an investment advisor to high net worth families. He is author of Profit for Life (2006) and Companies That Mimic Life (2016) – books about the emergence of companies modeled living systems as distinct from those modeled on machines. Both books provide tangible evidence that the living systems model is more adaptive, sustainable, durable and profitable than the older model, which emerged from the industrial revolution. As a pioneer in the field of corporate stewardship, Jay co-chaired the first national symposium on “Corporate Responsibility in Investments” at the Harvard Business School in 1972. Today he is deeply committed to advancing the field of bio-mimicry, which he describes as an emerging global renaissance. Since 2000 Jay has served on the board of the Sustainability Institute, founded by Donella Meadows, as Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer and Secretary. He is a research member of the Society for Organizational Learning and holds an MA (1964) from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy.

    • Location: Vermont, USA