Karen Joseph

As a descendant of the Musgamagw Tsawataineuk people Karen Joseph upholds a life-long commitment to well-being and social responsibility.  Karen has over 20 years of experience inspiring diverse partners to collaborate on strategic planning processes that support effective change.

She brings both experiential and researched knowledge regarding the impacts of multi-generational trauma and upholds a lifelong commitment to providing individuals with opportunities to achieve their highest potential. Ms. Joseph currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Reconciliation Canada. Reconciliation Canada is a catalyst for social change in Canada. We are building new relationships among Aboriginal peoples and all Canadians — relationships built on a foundation of openness, dignity, understanding and hope.

To ‘reconcile’ is to weave a stronger and more vibrant social fabric, based on the unique and diverse strengths of Canadians and their communities. Our focus extends beyond the Indian Residential School experience to those communities who have received official apologies from the government of Canada, including the Jewish, Sikh, Chinese and Japanese peoples. Our initiatives engage people from every part of Canadian society in open and honest conversation about our diverse histories and experiences in order to build resilient and sustainable communities.

    • Location: Canada