Udom Hongchatikul, PhD

Udom holds his PhD. in Organization Development from Assumption University of Thailand.  After 20 years working in different industries, small companies and large-listed corporations, he has now been an OD consultant for over 10 years.

He has been advising both public and private sector clients, profit and non-profit organizations, small and large organizations from different industries. He likes challenging tasks that can fulfill his life purpose; enabling others to change and sustain the world. He keeps doing more to help enable Thailand, executive leaders, business owners, and communities to be aware of the System and to be able to do differently/do more of what they are doing, to add value to their products/services, to be more creative and competitive and to better prepare themselves for the Changing World.  Udom is also now taking the lead in setting up Sustainable Food Lab and Social Lab in Thailand.

Affiliations: Sustainable Food Lab (Thailand); Scenario Thailand Foundation

    • Location: Bangkok, Thailand