Wayne A. Barstad

Wayne Barstad joined the Board of Directors of the Donella Meadows Institute in August 2011, serving as its Treasurer until being elected Chair in September 2013.  His understanding of sustainability concepts is based in large part in the practical experience gained from working across natural, social, economic, and governance systems.

Wayne is a Visiting Scholar at Dartmouth College and was recently employed by the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation as manager of the Northern Forest Watershed Services Project, a federally-funded effort to provide incentives to landowners to protect and enhance aquatic resources in two critical watersheds in the Northern Forest.

Wayne worked for many years in the Environmental Review Program of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  He has extensive experience evaluating the decline and destruction of natural systems in urban and rural landscapes.  His last task for the MnDNR was to write its “Environmental Review Guide,” the purposes of which are to ensure the quality and consistency of the department’s field review assessments and assist staff in incorporating Minnesota’s State Wildlife Action Plan into environmental review processes.

Wayne served for 13 years as a member of the Board of Directors of the Neighborhood Energy Connection in St. Paul, Minnesota.  During his tenure as Board President, he led a total reorganization of the NEC that included changes to that non-profit organization’s programs, financial system, and board structure.  He holds a BA in Biology from the University of Minnesota Morris and an MS in Fisheries from the University of Minnesota.  In another life, Wayne earned a diploma in Shoe Repair from the Minneapolis Community and Technical College and worked for several years as a shoemaker and shoe repairman.  He served in the United States Navy and the Minnesota National Guard.


    • Location: New Hampshire, USA