Yunlan Ni

Born in China in early 1980s, just at the country’s very beginning of economic reform, Yunlan’s own life has been shaped by the tremendous economic, social and political change. Having spent 10 years in England to study and work in investment banking, then back to China to work for her family business, Yunlan experienced very different cultures yet the same humanity.

After years of practicing learning organization from the book ’The Fifth Discipline’, she met the author Peter Senge, and subsequently started to work with Peter in establishing a China hub for systemic change works. Yunlan only started to appreciate the deep wisdom of her own tradition recently, under a handful of Western teachers. But this late home coming has become a defining force in her life. Her vision is to become one stone on the bridge between the Eastern ideal of nature-human harmony and Western approach to systemic awareness. Having witnessed and lived through the positive impact of an external change, Yunlan is eternally grateful, and wants to be part of a more profound transformation of our inner beings.

    • Location: China