Ten Reasons for Climate Hope – Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones of Climate Interactive shares ten reasons to be hopeful for the climate, grounded in the team’s analysis using simulators developed out of MIT. A presentation to the Sierra Club in Asheville, North Carolina in February 2017.



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Restoring the Bay – A cultural transformation

Academy Fellow Liliana Gutierrez:  “Here is a link to the story of El Manglito community and the restoration of the Bay of La Paz. This is OUR work….all of this has been achieved through the power of all our hearts and minds, we have learn so much from John (Milton) and Jenny (Menke) and from EVERYBODY in the Academy that we truly […]

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Peter Senge on Innovation and Learning at the World Bank

Why do large organizations struggle with harnessing innovation? Peter Senge, a renowned learning expert and professor at MIT speaks to IEG on what it takes to nurture innovation in large organizations such as the World Bank. View video […]

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Learning through a systemic lens at MIT

The Alchemist, a structure out front of the MIT campus, offers an invitation to a new way of learning through a systemic lens, as described by Peter Senge and others in this video. […]

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Inaugural Love Summit a Great Success

June 13, 2015 marked the debut of the inaugural Love Summit in Portland, Oregon. With seats filled and a lineup of sixteen renowned speakers including Dan Wieden, Dan Price, John Perkins, Portland Mayor Charlie Hales, and Ecuador’s Government Minister Freddy Ehlers, the summit was a remarkable success.

The Love Summit is an annual event that brings together the business community and […]

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