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Next Generation Leaders

We are in a time of deep questioning and change, a time of opportunity and possibility for a new way of being with each other and the earth. The questions we speak of are global in nature. We have surpassed seven billion people, we are experiencing the direct impacts of climate uncertainty, societal transformation and escalating globalization, and technology has transformed the way we operate, communicate and connect.

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A Safe Place to Practice

Collective action—action powered by all who have a stake in social change—is essential to making progress on big, interconnected priorties like economic inequity, public safety, and public health in our communities. But it can’t happen by itself. In the recent SSIR article “The Dawn of System Leadership,” authors Peter Senge, Hal Hamilton, and John Kania articulate the value of specific […]

The Dawn of System Leadership

The Dawn of System Leadership
February 11, 2015 at 11:00 am Pacific
Presented by Peter Senge, Darcy Winslow, & Molly Baldwin
What does it mean to be a system leader?  What does it take to catalyze collective leadership? Join Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline and founder of the Society for Organizational Learning (now SoL North America), to discuss “The Dawn of System Leadership,” […]

The Sustainable Food Lab Annual Summit

It’s time to register. Space is limited, but we’ll guarantee spots for those who register by April 6.  At the Sustainable Food Lab Annual Summit you’ll talk, learn AND make deals.
Landscape level change – SCOPE 4
Collective action in landscapes and watersheds
Corporate commitments to zero deforestation
Sector transformation of commodity systems
Operational challenges
Living wages and the role of supply chain actors
Effective supplier […]