Transforming Social Systems


Systems Change in South Asia

Academy Fellow, Kanwer Anwer Saeed, has founded The Jaulian Project in his quest to foster deep systems change in South Asia.
The Jaulian Project aims to bring together leaders to create a community that is committed to fostering positive change and creating meaningful impact to create stability in this world of chaos. It encourages using local tradition, wisdom and spiritual […]

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Social Emotional Learning in Schools

By Anthony Johnson, Academy Fellow

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies have emerged as powerful tools for school districts across the country in promoting and developing self-awareness, self-management, empathy, social skill and good decision making. The objective of these strategies is to promote “good learning” which Daniel Goleman (the founder of the Collaborative of Social Emotional Learning and co-author of The Triple Focus, […]

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Parenting and Systems Leadership: A Common Path to Mastery

This article, written by Academy Board Member and co-Founder, Hal Hamilton, was first published at The Sustainable Food Lab.

Since I became a live-next-door grandfather, it has occurred to me that the path to personal mastery, common to both parenting and system leadership, is revealing. I notice the following approaches by both parents and leaders:

Make demands.
Figure out shared self-interest.

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How to Fly While Grounded: An introduction to core tools of system leadership

By Hal Hamilton and LeAnne Grillo.

System leadership grows from the use of tools and practices as we engage others in pursuit of positive change. After Donella Meadows wrote Limits to Growth from the work of a team, people began thinking of global challenges through the framework of feedback loops and the consequences of runaway use of resources. Peter Senge launched systems […]

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