Jennifer Menke

Jennifer Menke is an entrepreneur and nature whisperer in the fields of design and sustainability who is passionately helping bring forth an enhanced relationship and comprehensive dialogue between humans and their internal and external environments.

Through 15 years of dedicated training to actualize her vision, she started with a BA in environmental studies and ecopsychology from University of Colorado and Naropa University. She deepened her studies with 13 different North and Central American indigenous cultures, nature based spiritual elders, social sustainability entrepreneurs, and the Earth directly. For 11 years during this time she apprenticed with John P. Milton and The Way of Nature, spending over 500 days combined in nature solitary retreats, and has worked as a senior guide of Sacred Passage for the past 5 years. Currently studying with La’ne Saan Moonwalker, an internationally recognized Native American spiritual teacher and healer, Jennifer has been initiated as an environmental guardian and is following a traditional path to become a spiritual elder herself.  Through her work Jennifer has brought many individuals into deep relationship with all living things, opening hearts to the realization of Source, and regenerating native ecosystems in urban environments through her landscape design business and nature based retreats. Her guidance has inspired leaders in their fields to create sustainable change within themselves, their communities, and their businesses, to the benefit of all. More recently she has been lead to collaborate on projects and initiatives that address the interface between social, economic, and biological systems and how to bring these into optimal harmony for the purpose of regenerating some of our most critical ecosystems globally.

    • Location: Colorado, USA